Research Journal #1

  • What is a pixel? How does it work? How do we use it?

Pixel comes from the word picture element, it’s the smallest part of a digital image. A million little pixels of different colors are joined together to  make an image.

  • What is a compound probability? What is the equation?

A mathematical term for probabilities of two or more things happening at the same time. The equation is:

P(A or B) = P(A) + P(B)

  • Give an example of a mutually exclusive compound probability.

If you roll a die and you’re asked to get a 2  or a 3. You can only get one at a time not both at once.

  • What does mutually exclusive mean? How is it different? Give an example of one that is and one that is not.

Mutually exclusive means that two events cannot happen at the same time. Mutually Inclusive means two events can happen at the same time.

Ex. Mutually Exclusive: You flip a coin and have to get either heads or tels, you can only get one side at a time.

Ex. Mutually Inclusive: You roll a die and you have to get an even number or a two. And if you get a two, you got both because it’s an even number and it’s the number you were asked to get.

  • What is a Venn Diagram?

A venn diagram is a a diagram that shows all the possible relations from two things. It shows the differences and similarities.

  • What is a Hexaflexagon?

A flat model usually made of paper, in the shape of a hexagon (usually) that has six hidden  faces.

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