Day 5 10/1/14


Today we had to get a partner and make a sketch in open processing; it had to be so mething that followed your mouse and changed when you clicked on it. My partner Laura and I made a face that changed it’s emotions when you clicked on it, first it was happy, sad, angry, and surprised. It was a fun idea but we didn’t finish.

Then in class we studied graph theory, post fix notation, and NP completed while taking notes. We also tried making flexahexagons with paper.

In the afternoon we did activities such as making shapes out of raw spaggheti and clay, and we cut out shapes and had to make an animal out of them, and I chose to do a shark.shark

2 thoughts on “Day 5 10/1/14

  1. ffpaladin

    margaritao2000, This is a great summary of the day. Good work. I love your project idea, but its ok that you didn’t finish. Make sure you post a picture of something. Put a picture for every post.


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