Research Journal #1

  • Example of Permutation:

My locker combination is 15-2-7. If you put it in another order it won’t open.

  • Example of Combination:

If I bake a cake I put in all the ingrediants randomly because they’re all going to get mixed together anyway.

  • Example of Independent Probability:

Rolling a die.

  • Example of Dependent Probability:

Having a bag full of an even amount of blue and red marbles, then taking out a red. It increases the chances of getting a blue.

  • Why is Prisoners Dilemma a dilemma?
  • What is a Dominant Strategy?

A strategy is dominant if the player gets a larger payoff than the other.

  • What is a Nash Equilibrium?

where neither of the players change their strategy.

  • What is a Simultaneous Game?
  • What is the Monty Hall problem?
  • What is Information Cascade?

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